His Style and Technique

With time, Mr. Hunter’s painting style became more refined and the colors more vivid. For his watercolors he used a simple palette of Winsor & Newton paints: cadmium lemon, vermillion, alizarin crimson, French ultramarine, Prussian blue and burnt sienna. With these six colors, he conjured up fantastic characters and scenes. He was a strong advocate of the old hog bristle cutter brush for watercolors.

For oils he used a similar palette, but the orange in oils was cadmium orange light, while in watercolor it was vermillion. The yellow in oil was cadmium yellow light instead of the watercolor cadmium lemon or lemon yellow.  He was one of the few painters who used Prussian blue.  (Very few of the old masters used Prussian blue.)  He used Shiva oil paints and his only medium was refined linseed oil.  He always used linen canvas.  He also used spray on retouch varnish and a final varnish for oil painting. For watercolor he preferred Winsor & Newton, Series 7. For oils, he used primarily Grumbacher china bristle filberts. He glazed with sables, which was thinned with linseed.