Works in Public Collections

1. Alice Post Office, Alice, Texas. 1939. South Texas Panorama. Oil on canvas. Now in the Smithsonian American Art Collection.
2. Pioneer Memorial Hall Museum. Oil on canvas.
3. San Jacinto Museum: a. Joseph Lawrence, oil on canvas. Lawrence was a member of William W. Hill's Company in the Battle of San Jacinto. b. Jeff Hamilton, 1937, oil on canvas.
4. Alamo Mission: a. Jacob C. Darst, 1942, oil on canvas. b. Tapley Holland, 1947, oil on canvas. c. John W. Smith, 1948, oil on canvas.
5. White House Collection: South Texas landscape in watercolor given during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration.
6. Texas A & M University.
Texas landscape painted from a photograph in an old Texas A & M annual.
7. Witte Museum.
Texas landscape.